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Lifestylemelodies is a personal blog of Andy’s adventures and memorable experiences. It’s about how she lives her life with style. From curiosity into a hobby, Lifestylemelodies has been created, marking a new beginning in Andy’s life.
Andy is a simple petite lady from the Philippines who loves fashion, finance and travel. Aside from blogging, she loves singing, accessory-making and doing personal financial planning. Back in highschool she was part of the Performing Arts team, but opted to focus on her studies during her college years.
She was a quadricentennial graduate from the University of Santo Tomas where she took up Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting. She also took up modeling class at Modelo Pilipinas Casting and Training Center where she learned the basics of modeling and became part of MP’s Batch 32. She’s currently a Marketing Director at International Marketing Group and coaches people on matters of personal finance. She usually goes out of the country to attend training and conventions.

It was in her confusion and deep thought  that she discovered her real passions- those being fashion and finance. She believes that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and that style is at its best when integrated with comfort. She’s not a born writer, but she hopes you’ll pick up something from her and enjoy as she shares with you the melodies of her life. <3

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