Hi there! Welcome to Lifestylemelodies!I know it was a year of nothingness on my blog and there’s much catching up to do. As you all know, this is going to be my second entry after a year-long hiatus (Yes, year-long! I know, right?). Since I am starting over again, let me show you a quick tour on what you can expect here on my blog.

Lifestylemelodies is mainly about how I live my life with style. I will show you how I blend the world of fashion, travel and finance! I hope you will be inspired and learn
something as I share with you my life and passion, my discoveries and reflections.

I discovered my passion for fashion during my teenage years. I guess most of you can relate. Early on, I used to have a vibrant and artsy fashion sense. I would wear something unique and would always want to make a statement even if I had to sacrifice comfort. That was then. But as I got older, my fashion sense turned to be more toned-down, simple and relaxed, yet stylish and personal. I learned to love combining  style with comfort. Who says you can’t be fashionable and comfortable at the same time? Hmm… I’ll be posting my #ootd from time to time so expect to see my outfit on certain occasions. 🙂
I love travelling and I usually go out on business trips. I haven’t been to all the corners of the world yet, but with the countries and places that I’ve already visited, I can somehow share with you a collection of my travel adventures together with some travel tips, perhaps. This is gonna be exciting! 🙂
This one is something I’ve been wanting to share since three years ago. But for some reasons, it used to be the least topic on my posts before. I am a finance advocate myself and I’ll be glad to share with you some tips on personal finance that I’ve discovered, learned and practiced in my seven years of journey in the financial industry. I believe this is going to be helpful, so I’ll post more of this, this time. =)
As part of my blog revamp, I’ll be doing some enhancements in Lifestylemelodies from time to time. Have you seen my new header, yet? I hope you did.. Haha!
Not yet a pro in the world of blogging, but we’ll get there. Enjoy reading! =)
By the way, the photos I used here were taken and edited by my very talented and creative boyfriend, Nols of  NS Grafix. My new header was also illustrated by him. I’m such a fan of his art works. (Proud girlfriend here).

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  1. Awww looking good Andy! so glad you're back na 🙂
    Looking forward to read more of your posts especially the ones about finance since I am working for a publishing company which caters to businesses right now <3

    love lots,


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