Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to begin doing something but don’t know how? Or perhaps, you want to re-start doing something you’ve been doing but couldn’t find the perfect time?
Well, in my case, I haven’t been blogging in a very long while! I actually have A LOT of stories to tell and I would really love to share them with you. I want to write once again but I
don’t know where or how to start. I got caught up with so many things and sadly lost the interest of writing. 🙁



Time just flew so fast. I can’t believe it took me a year to realize that I haven’t been writing in ages. But I guess, no matter how busy you are with life (as usual) or how lazy and uninspired you can become, your passion will always find its way. You may put it aside for a moment, but later on you’ll find yourself wanting to do it again.
To be honest, I had several attempts in writing a new post. But I don’t understand why I couldn’t have the urge to finally do so. I had many excuses. The place isn’t motivating, I’m not inspired, I can’t find words to say.. And so on. I wanted to do it but I couldn’t. After a long while, I realized that things won’t just happen while waiting for that perfect moment. The perfect place will never be there. The perfect time will never arrive. I have to make the time, motivate my own self and make a resolution. Finally, I decided to start my new blog post right here, right now! And so I did! 😀
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22 thoughts on “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!”

  1. hi theo seatmate… you have been so busy nga…haha… this is so me… i have those thoughts in my mind, and yet i can't write them, good enough…haha… just continue and the words will flow… miss u all guys.. if rovi rings a bell. haha.. 🙂

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