Remember my post last year about my first visit to Singapore? I told you how brief it was and that I would definitely go back. Well, true enough, I did! And this time, I had more time to explore the city. So here’s how our first day in SG went out.. 

After  taking some rest and leaving our things at the hotel, we started our adventure right away. It’s a good thing that our hotel was located at the city near the must-visited places in Singapore. Gardens by the Bay was our first stop. It wasn’t too sunny so the heat was not a problem as we walked around the park. We wanted to stay longer but after finding a good spot where we could sit and rest, it rained! =( So we were forced to leave. We went to the nearby Marina Bay Sands while waiting for the rain to stop. It was already dark and we were about to go home when we decided to just walk from there to our hotel. It was a good decision because along the way we found the Merlion Park. And we were just in time for the dancing lights show! So lucky!
Here are some of the snapshots I took that night. The next five photos were taken by me. Feeling pro. Haha! Just sharing this with you coz I think I was able to take good quality photos that night. Tehe.. :p



What do you think? 😀

After a while, we continued to head back to our hotel. I was satisfied with how we spent our first day. I still wanted to stay out late but we had to rest and prepare for the conference the next day. 

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