As we start our year, it is important that we take some time to pause for a while, look back at what happened in our previous year, reflect upon our experiences, internalize on what we have learned and think about what improvements to be done this year. Sometimes, with our busy schedule and with overwork we tend to be stressed-out. A moment of silence will allow us to freshen up and start anew.

I myself took that time of reflection. I even listed down the highlights of my previous year and wrote down the things that I learned. 2014 had taught me many ideas and realizations. And I’m sharing with you some of them. One great principle that I learned last year was the importance of knowing and pursuing our passion.  Nowadays, our world have set us a lot of standards on what career to pursue, what style to wear, or whatsoever, but we don’t necessarily have to follow them. We don’t have to do what other people expect us to do. Rather, we need to seek through ourselves what we really want and strive for it. To pray about our desire is also a big help. It may be confusing sometimes, but realizing our passion will give us a sense of fulfillment. Success is not achieved in just being the best in our current career, but in being able to pursue our passion and the career that we really wanted. <3

Another principle that I am thankful I learned last year was the value of personal growth. I heard from some mentors that the key to success is not achieved through developing our skills alone, but through developing our inner self. We should continuously improve our character and the way we treat other people. If we strive to improve our personality, success comes easily.  It should be continuous as we live.  It’s never ending. 🙂

I actually have more to share but that’s it for now. 😀 How about you? Have you already taken some time to stop and think? What were the things you learned in your 2014? C’mon! Share me your thoughts, guys! 😉

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Cinderella dress, Parisian sandals
Photos by Nholz

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  1. Aweee!!! you look amazing Andy!!! So pretty! Love everything here! the dress,the photos,the style! lahat na! Gonda ng dress mo dear! the cut and the style is amazing! Love how it looks sexy and classy at the same time!!! <3 Sorry ngayon lng ako naka visit, been sick kasi for the past three glad to be back na! hehehe <3 Stay gorgeous and awesome dear!!!

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