To visit Hong Kong once again was totally different experience from my previous one. We were in a hurry the last time we went there because we still had to go to Macau. This time we stayed longer and was able to tour around the city. And took more photos, of course! Haha! As I mentioned in my previous post, we went to Hong Kong for a conference. And on that same week, I had another training to attend to in Manila so we couldn’t stay any longer.

The whole trip was full of activities that’s why I only had an opportunity to take pictures on the beach (where we stayed) on the last day.

On my flight home, I wanted to wear something comfy so I basically wore flats. And because I’m so fond of my hand-made accessories, I wore another bunch from my latest collection. This time, I had on my star necklace and candy bracelets! What do you think? =)

Photos by Nholz

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