The main reason for my recent HK trip was this very important event that I had to attend. It’s the IMG’s Builders Summit! What made this conference exciting was that it was held at Disneyland Hotel! And there I had my magical moment! I always get to attend conventions and watch people receive their awards. I felt elated that this time I was one of those who went up the stage and got recognized. Haha! I’ve already been five years in this company and I’m just so grateful to be finally promoted to Marketing Director! It’s indeed a mark of a new milestone.

To give you a background, IMG is a company that teaches Filipinos wealth management and provides not only financial knowledge but application at the same time. Knowing about this company during my college years has been so much of a blessing. It has helped me a lot in managing my money and maximizing its potential. Not yet a millionaire though. Haha! But at a very young age, I learned to become a wise spender and a consistent saver. And that’s what I want to impart to you as well.
I am saddened by the recent news that more than half of the Filipinos consider themselves as poor. I’ve come to realize that I haven’t been so assertive in sharing my mission to spread financial literacy. So expect to see more wealth management topics, soon. Tehe.. Don’t worry. I won’t be too technical. =)

Oh by the way, I had this trip for free! Thanks to IMG for making it possible! You could have free trips too. Wanna know how? Ask me! 😉
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