It’s that time of the year again when First Metro Asset Management Inc. (FAMI) conducts their annual shareholders’ meeting. This time it was held at Le Pavillion Metropolitan Park. As an investor, I had a privilege to attend this exclusive gathering of FAMI shareholders. It’s actually one of my financial adventures I look forward to every year. Aside from fashion, finance is one thing that I really enjoy learning and doing. Updates about the market boosts my excitement and feeds my hunger in financial knowledge. I won’t be too technical in my post for today. I will just share a little about this positive outlook on our economy. =) The Philippines has been so blessed that we are currently experiencing economic progress. And progress has been projected to continue in the next coming years! You know what that means? That means our investments have a very good growth potential over the years to come. Good news, isn’t it? =) So to those who have not started to invest yet but have already been thinking of investing, you might as well do it now! 😉

Oh! Here’s a glimpse of what happens inside a shareholders meeting!
I hope you learned something today.

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Photos by Nholz

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