One of the things that I love to do is attending financial management seminars. Now I’m sharing with you one of my favorites.. =) Topic: MUTUAL FUNDS!

Here are some of the things that I learned during the mutual fund training..

Importance of investing:
1) to beat inflation
2) to reach your financial goals

Features of a Mutual Fund: diversification, affordability, tax exemption, professional fund management, convenience, liquidity and safety!

Here are the three types of Mutual Funds:
1) Bond Fund (for low risk profile with recommended length of stay of 1 to 2 years)
2) Stock Fund (for aggressive profile, more than 5 years recommended length of stay)
3) Balanced Fund (moderate risk profile with recommended length of stay of 3 to 5 years)

You may choose what type of MF to invest depending on your risk appetite. As for me, I go for the Stock Fund. Just shows how aggressive I am in investing. Yay! =D

During training:


(MF training by Rampver Strategic Advisors)
There are different mutual fund companies in the Philippines. Three of my favorites are Soldivo, Philequity and PAMI. These are all good performing. =)
One thing to consider when investing is that you have to give it time to grow. Invest wisely. Invest in the right facility.
“To maximize the potential return of your investment, you need to let it grow over time.” -RSA
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